Reading Glasses Types and Designs

31 Jan

Most people at the age of 40s have problems seeing close distances and this could affect their ability to read or work on a computer. This condition is known as presbyopia and it affects almost everybody even if they did not have a vision problem before. One way of knowing that you are presbyopic is noticing that you have to hold books, newspapers or text messages   farther from your eyes to read them more clearly. Losing your ability to read well as you grow older can be more stressing and frustrating if you have never needed glasses before.

Presbyopia occurs because the eye muscles that enable focusing lose its elasticity and its accommodation is reduced as we age. Presbyopia  may start earlier in people who  use their vision extensively  in their jobs .Unfortunately the condition is beyond our control and the best thing we can do is accept and look for the available correction solutions. It is difficult to accept bifocal or progressive grasses if you have never worn glasses before but you can consider buying reading glasses.

It is important to visit an ophthalmologist if you have any of the presbyopia symptoms. The eye doctor will conduct an eye exam that will test your ability to see far and near distances. There is no cure for the condition but the doctor can give you advice on the available types of glasses or contact lenses .You can also consider surgical procedures that will replace the natural eye lenses with artificial lenses if you don't prefer wearing glasses.

When you visit an optical center, you get a customized pair of glasses which fits your reading needs. There are also ready-made clip on reading glasses available in pharmacies and stores which come in different designs. There are reading glasses for any type of budget from cheap plastic frames and the stylish designer reading glasses. You can a pair for the office, at home or in the car for convenience purposes reading glasses are affordable.

Reading glasses come in different designs from foldable reading glasses and full frame to half eyes. Full frame reading glasses are can be more beneficial to people who spend a lot of time reading. These glasses will give you a wide reading field but you have to remove them when you want to look across the building. Half eye glasses are beneficial to those who will need to look across the room more frequently because you can look down through the lens for near work and up over them to see the distance. Foldable glasses that fit in pen -sized cases are better for portability purposes.

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